Purchase Power for Beverage Producers

Fortera members save between 25 to 35% on bottling and packaging materials

Small or large producer, we can help you save big.

We eliminate the middlemen and leverage the power of our community to save you time and money.

Fortera is the first and only Group Purchasing Organization in the wine and spirits industry. As such, Fortera members benefits from the lowest pricing from world-leading manufacturers of bottling and packaging materials: Owens-Illinois, Amcor, Golden State Box Factory, and Amorim. Using our easy online platform, members shop for glass and plastic bottles, labels, corks, boxes and more with a few clicks only. No training needed!

Access dry goods from theWorld's Leading Suppliers

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So how does themembership work? 

Pricing Transparency

We offer beverage producers the most competitive pricing in the industry by cutting out the middlemen and ordering directly from world-leading suppliers.

Streamlined Ordering

Using our intuitive online platform, Fortera members easily shop for dry goods, customize orders, get samples, track shipments, schedule updates, and more.

Direct Member Support

Our in-house staff can assist you in signing up, finding all your dry goods on our online platform, and getting updates on your orders. Anything you need, we're here to help!

Meet some of our valuedFortera Members

Philip Von Burg

CEO, The Wine Foundry
“My team and I love the fact we have more time in our hands to concentrate on making wine, instead of spending hours on the phone with distributors, or negotiating prices with salesmen. Some of the biggest wins for my company have been in streamlining the production process and accessing some of the best pricing directly from the world’s leading vendors.”

Jason Hopwood

Winemaker, Harvest Ridge Winery
Fortera has been very helpful so far. Your organization holds a lot of potential, and I am thankful we can tap into that for our small enterprise. Thanks for all you and your team do to assist in my procurement needs.