As the first and only Group Purchasing Organization in the beverage industry, Fortera leverages our members' collective power to secure access to the best materials from world-leading suppliers, streamlining purchasing and processes to help lower the cost of doing business. We provide specialized reporting, invoicing and additional features to help you run your business and increase your margins.

Our raw materials are supplied by the most trusted suppliers in the world, including Owens Illinois, Amcor, Golden State Box Factory, and Amorim.

Shop for your bottling and packaging materials on our website. Our portfolio comprises thousands of bottles (glass and plastic), jars, labels, corks, caps, screw caps, wooden boxes, and corrugated boxes. Whether you’re looking for basic or customized bottling and packaging solutions, Fortera can help you!

Fortera makes it easy to order your raw materials. Our intuitive, web-based dashboard allows producers of wine, beer, and spirits to place orders, submit artwork, and coordinate deliveries more easily than ever.

Our portfolio comprises thousands of raw materials, from the most commonly used to the more unique ones. For more customized packaging project, Fortera can handle your artwork as well.

Our intuitive platform was designed for easy shopping experiences, maintaining all of your orders and pricing history in one place. Find the materials you want and place your order in minutes!

Were you to need assistance or have questions answered, you can always rely on our staff to help you, via phone (+1 415-890-2076), email (contact@fortera.co), or chat on our website.