Wholesale bottle labels

Searching for ways to save on wholesale bottle labels purchases? Fortera members are able to buy directly from respected global suppliers and cut out the traditional distributor, saving up to 40%!

Fortera provides a large selection of top quality bottle labels at the best pricing available, guaranteeing* your cost savings.


  • Large catalog of bottle labels for every beverage – various shapes and capacities
  • Branding possible by uploading your artwork onto our website
  • Samples available (after registration, shipped within a week from sample request)
  • Anywhere in the U.S. and Canada – Mexico coming soon

*We guarantee your savings will exceed your membership fee, or your money back!

While our porfolio contains a great selection of bottle labels, Fortera’s representatives will work with you to provide any item that you do not find in our catalog.



Join Fortera to access our entire catalog, lower pricing, samples (if desired), and place your order here on our website.

  • Achieve significant cost savings across all raw material purchases
  • Reduce your labor costs by streamlining purchases
  • Cut out the distributors and source directly from producers
  • Select your bottle labels from our world-leading supplier
  • Customize labels as needed, including assistance with artwork
  • We ensure that all products in our catalog are compatible with each other, reducing waste during production
  • Choose from our extensive collection of bottle labels and other packaging raw materials
  • Review previous orders and pricing history in your profile
  • Place orders, submit artwork, and coordinate deliveries more easily online

Whatever the level of support you require, our team members are highly experienced and looking forward to helping you.