Where did Fortera come from?

Small to medium sized beverage industry producers are at a serious pricing disadvantage. The margin imposed by traditional distributors forces small and mid -sized producers to pay significantly more than large companies for the same bottling and packaging supplies. That pricing disparity makes profitability more challenging.

Additionally, sourcing, ordering, and arranging delivery of packaging components can take hundred of hours each year away from other important areas.

As a result, we knew that both beverage industry producers and suppliers alike would benefit from a group purchasing portal to simplify processes and save money!

What does Fortera do for the beverage industry?

We are changing the beverage industry by giving access to respected suppliers and discounted pricing to every bottler, no matter the size of the business.

The Fortera platform provides pricing transparency, streamlined ordering, and a level the playing field for all beverage producers.

How is this approach different?

Our platform provides small to medium sized producers the ability to go direct to top manufacturers, cutting broker or middleman fees.

We leverage the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) concept using technology and systems that make selecting and ordering supplies intuitive and streamlined. The Fortera platform is Built To Empower its users through cost and time savings.

How do I qualify to be a member?

If you’re currently a beverage producer, just sign up.  Our low annual subscription fee gets you instant access to unbelievable pricing.

Can I see your pricing before signing up?

Access to pricing requires a Fortera membership.  Potential members are welcome to email, chat or speak to a customer care representative and enquire about specific items to ensure we can meet their needs.

Phone: 415-890-2076

Do I have to purchase all my products through Fortera if I become a member?

There are absolutely no restrictions on where you choose to buy your products. You can purchase as little or as much through Fortera as fits your business. However, the benefits of Fortera come from leveraging our collective buying power. By purchasing on a large scale, as a community, we can negotiate even better pricing for our members!

How long does a membership last?

Our subscriptions are good for one year from the date you join.  Offered at $228 when paid in full, or $24.00 each month, unlocking huge savings has never been simpler.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your membership can be cancelled upon the annual renewal date, by sending a request via email to or via the chat. Cancellation must be requested at least 5 business days before the annual renewal. In the event of a cancellation, active orders will not be interrupted, however any unaccepted or unpaid requests may be cancelled. Members should contact the Fortera Support team for any subscription questions or changes by emailing or using the website chat.

I’ve never had experience using online purchasing platforms?  Is Fortera easy to use?

Our system is designed for easy use. If you shop on Amazon, Fortera will seem familiar.  The platform is simple and uncluttered, keeping you moving forward toward task completion.  And, should you ever need assistance, our support team will eagerly lend a hand.

Do you work with all suppliers?

We have curated our service to include only the highest quality products and suppliers. Rather than over-complicating things with an endless selection of suppliers for each type of product or service, we have selected a few for each category that are able to guarantee the quality products and customer service our members demand. That said, we add additional suppliers as the needs of our member grow, and welcome any new supplier recommendations from our members.

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