Myth: Fortera is an Auction Company.

FACT: Fortera is an E-commerce Platform & Collective Organization that enables its members to purchase Bottling & Packaging materials- directly from the world’s most respected suppliers of these products. 

How Does It Work?

Power (& Savings) in Numbers

As a GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) we leverage the power of our community to facilitate contracts and deals with dozens of high-end Bottling & Packaging Producers for producers in the Wine, Beer, and Spirits, and Juices industries.

Through our collective’s large network of members the Fortera team has negotiated lower rates and access to thousands of dry goods from our suppliers who understand the value of group purchasing, helping you get a better price, no matter the size of purchase orders.

Fortera offers beverage producers the ability to purchase directly from top manufacturers. Utilizing our streamlined system we make selecting and ordering beverage supplies intuitive and stress-free, while also cutting out the traditional broker & middleman fees.

Why Should I Become A Member?

Negotiated Prices and Discounts & Quality Packaging Supplies

The highest-end bottles, corks, capsules, labels, boxes and more from the industries top producers are made available to our Members for purchase at discounted rates of up to 40% off thanks to the power of our collective and our direct relationship with these suppliers.

Streamlined Purchases & Lower Cost of Business

The Fortera platform was built to empower its users by making their shopping experience smooth & easy while saving on costs and valuable time.

Our Customer Service Team is top-notch and ready to help facilitate your orders in any way possible & can even assist in any design needs your product or project may need.

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Cut out the middleman and cash in on the savings that are possible for your company when you sign up to be a Member of Fortera today.