Myth: Fortera Only Sells To Large Beverage Producers

FACT: We work with beverage producers of all sizes

Whether you produce 100 cases or 1,000,000 cases annually, Fortera aggregates our members’ purchasing volume in order to leverage and negotiate with dozens of high-quality suppliers.  This equates to our members saving 20-40% on their bottling and packaging materials.


Fortera uses a GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) strategy to leverage the power of our vast community of independent businesses and individuals to facilitate contracts and deals with dozens of high-end Bottling & Packaging Suppliers for producers in nearly every beverage producing industry – Winemakers, Beer Brewers, Juicing, & Spirits.

There are savings in numbers, so whether you are a large producer in your field, growing, or just starting out, Fortera can assist your business in securing access to some of the best raw materials from the highest quality suppliers in the industry. Couple that with our easy to use & streamlined purchasing processes, the availability of our  in-house designers, specialized reporting, invoicing and additional features- Fortera helps you run your business seamlessly – saving you valuable time and money.

Benefits of Joining Fortera Include:

  • Significant savings on all your bottling and packaging materials
  • Access to wide range of raw materials from high-quality suppliers
  • No middleman fees – Savings go right to your bottomline
  • Streamlined Ordering
  • Friendly & Helpful Customer Service

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Fortera benefits Winemakers, Brewers, Distillers and Juicers of all sizes, whether large or small!

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