This Month’s Pick goes out to Champagne and sparkling wine producers because, well, there’s always a reason to celebrate with bubbles! Take a look at this sparkling selection of bottle (Owens-Illinois), cork (Amorim), cap (Amcor), and wooden box (GSBF). Cheers!


The same craftsmanship and quality available in OI`s Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles, is also inherent in the WP-106 Champagne bottle. Whether you need a bottle designed to accommodate the high internal pressures of sparkling wines, or one with a tall and gently curving profile to add an elegant touch to your product, the WP 106 in Flint and Champagne green, is the best choice for your winery’s brand and cost saving needs.

sparklinkg wine cork amorim


The Spark® stopper has acquired a privileged status in the art of sealing the best champagnes and sparkling wines. It achieves the highest levels of physical, chemical and oenological performance, resulting from an intensive scientific and technological research.

Excellent mechanical behavior and ease of bottling are fundamental advantages in this cork stopper, which comprises expanded cork agglomerate with two high quality natural corks discs at the end that comes into contact with the wine. ( Fits the bottle above)


Amcor’s Classic Black Matt Polylam Capsules are Perfect for Wineries Wanting Beautiful embossing in a variety of different colors at a low price points. Amcor offers a wide range of polylaminate skirt materials which are delivered with pre-lacquer adapted to printing technology and Inks.


I love to find a sparkling wine in a beautiful wooden box so for this month’s packaging selection, I picked this classic single-bottle pine box from our supplier, Golden State Box Factory.

Perfect for gifting or open for a special occasion!